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How can I analyze in detail the viewers' behavior in relation to each segment of my video?

To analyze  in detail the viewers' interaction with your videos, the suite ShinyStat™ Video Analytics provides you with a tool called Viewing Spectrum.
This quite intituive function provides a quick tool to undertstand the viewer's behavior and their interaction with your videos.

Thanks to the Viewing Spectrum you can analyze and evaluate the interest generated by each segment of the video, and in particular you can see  how the viewer has been moving the cursor back and forth to zero in on its areas of choice.

With the Viewing Spectrum one can point out which segments of the video have managed to draw in a greater audience.
This graphical presentation system (patented by ShinyStat™) is based on the chromatic spectrum; you can see  in detail how the number of viewings has changed, from the maximum in red to the minimum in blue.

The Viewing Spectrum, therefore, provides you with a precise quantitative analysis of the user's behavior. It specifically makes it possible to determine whether there was a "non linear viewing" of the video and also to pinpoint those segments that brought the viewing to a halt.

The report shows:

Hovering with the mouse over the Viewing Spectrum you can see the total numbers of viewings for each specific segment of the video. To check on the scenes that these viewings make reference to, you can start playing the video at the beginning of any segment that you want to analyze.
This function provides you with an easier approach to the data, allowing you to see again in detail those scenes that generated a greater or a smaller interest, ie. the scenes that have been viewed several times as well as those that have been discarded.

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