ShinyStat™ App Analytics: analysis of the use of iOS and Android applications

ShinyStat™ App Analytics is designed to analyze the usage of mobile apps and enables you to receive precise, real-time data about how your apps are being used.

Analysis of user behavior is the crucial first-step to optimizing contents, understanding the most popular sections and staying ahead of the curve in this fast-growing world. Developers and app proprietors can take advantage of analytical metrics to improve their products based on what consumers want.

The particular metrics of ShinyStat App Analytics offer a global and comprehensive overview of the use of the single App. The platform organizes the data collected in usage metrics: active users, sessions, average session duration etc. and in system metrics: device, model, firmware etc.

ShinyStat has implemented libraries, released to the App developers, in order to make the analysis of the functionality easier through their integration. The use of these libraries allows to understand in detail the way in which the user interacts with the Application in question. Currently ShinyStat Analytics App has libraries in iOS and Android.

ShinyStat has developed a system for the quantification of the interactions made by users with the Application which, through the global and detailed representation of the main metrics, is an indispensable tool to understand the critical success factors and the possible weaknesses of one's digital project.

The data representation dashboard can be customized according to the respective needs: of the Client, the developer and the App's owner. In fact, it is possible to have a detailed data flow in Real Time both for the Application and for the Device used as well as for the Type of connectivity and the Telephone Operator.

ShinyStat™ App Analytics

ShinyStat™ App Analytics


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