We customize our clustering software and our DMP based on our customers' business model

Proprietary technology and know-how

The technologies offered by SevenData are proprietary and based on a continuous development that has lasted for 20 years. We make our software available, customizing it according to the specific needs of the client. Our consultants will share their know-how and a multi-year experience, creating customized models for data acquisition and processing for you.

Customized scoring and nurturing

We will adapt our ShinySense DMP based on the services, products and architecture of your digital properties. You will be assisted in the selection of scoring to be applied and data nurturing to be linked to the cookies of your visits. Our technology and the experience of our consultants will allow you to create a customized DMP aimed at making navigation data of your digital properties highly profitable.

We customize the experience based on specific clusters

Our technology allows the experience of returning visitors to be customized based on whether they belong to certain clusters or not. These tools make it possible to segment the subjects returning to the site in order to show them specific contents or based offers highlighted in the previous browsing sessions.

We create smart remarketing opportunities

Having a DMP customized according to your needs allows the creation of extremely specific clusters. Once these DMP navigator clusters have been created, you can reach them with remarketing campaigns when they are outside your digital properties by engaging them with targeted display campaigns towards those who showed interest in the X product and the Y service.