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This report shows the most used Operating Systems to see your videos.

In the report called  “Operating Systems in Total”, video views to your videos are listed according to the Operating System used by your visitors.

The first table provides the following information:

The Operating Systems (and their versions) are listed in the table herebelow grouped by Operating System.

The pie chart shows the percentage distribution of all video views by different Operating Systems in a particular time period.

Each line of the table shows the following data: Clicking on the “Day-by-day” icon   in connection with each Operating System, you can access the report showing the trend of views to your videos using a given Operating System in a particular time period.

Versions of the Operating System (O.S.)
To view all details related to the Operating System versions used by visitors to see your videos for a given Operating System, just click on the blue arrow by the name of the Operating System that you want to analyze.

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