Data Clustering

Our know-how to transform Big Data into Smart Data

Technology and proprietary data

Massive traffic volumes created on a network of heterogeneous websites proportionally divided into the most relevant market verticals combined with a scalable analytics matrix technology allow SevenData to offer its clients an original and unique solution on the Italian market. In fact, no other operator in the domestic digital world can boast an equivalent offer.

Probabilistic models and Bayesian algorithms

The correlation between navigation behaviours and the intrinsic characteristics of the visited sites permits to segment the user in specific clusters using probabilistic models and Bayesian algorithms. Thanks to several decades of experience in the field of Data Management & Analysis, ShinyStat can reach ambitious goals through the use of its technologies.

Performance guarantee

Outstanding results are pursued through the continuous evolution of machine learning algorithms that enable ShinyStat technologies to achieve increasing accuracy as their usage increases. The virtuous circle that triggers after an initial set-up period of the targeting service generates a constantly increasing performance capacity in subsequent time periods.

Data usability to increase conversions

The fundamental step downstream of the analysis and clustering of the traffic data of an e-commerce site consists in making them operable for real-time engagement purposes aimed at increasing conversions. Data collection as an end in itself is an almost useless investment, whereas creating targeted interaction is the future of any business that wants to develop in a digital environment.