Web Analytics platform for e-commerce - ShinyStat™ Business

Web Analytics for Business

The complete Real Time Analytics platform designed for ecommerce.

Analytics suite dedicated to e-commerce

The sale of products and services through digital platforms requires constant care to the various dynamics of customer behaviour on the site. The shopping experience with the powerful ShinyStat™ Business suite will be segmented in all its phases in order to highlight the relevant aspects.

Detailed analytics of conversions

It analyses the flow of data related to users who have completed both monetary and non-monetary conversion on the site. With ShinyStat™ Business you can limit the analysis to the users only who have converted, segmenting them by peculiar characteristics (e.g. type of device used, geolocation, etc.) so as to determine a useful identikit for future engagement and retention.

Customer journey in detail

ShinyStat™ Business is essential to discover in detail the navigation path of users who finalize the purchase in an e-commerce environment. By analysing the customer journey you can significantly improve the usability in the sections of the site where conversions are more frequent.

B2B - All information on the prospect in a click

This report, a default content in the ShinyStat™ Business suite, is an indispensable tool for the company that uses the site for business procurement purposes, since it offers an immediate overview of the companies that have visited the site to obtain product information.

Performance Assessment

ShinyStat Business is the all-in-one tool that offers a complete tracking system to measure your web traffic and assess your site performance and ROI.

Conversion Analysis

- Which Search Engines are generating most sales?
- Which keywords generate the highest number of information requests?
- Which affiliated sites are taking most orders?

Advertising Campaign Tracking and ROI

- How many sales are your ad campaigns generating?
- Which is the most effective ad campaign?
- Which search term on Google AdWords is generating most customers?

SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detecting)

- How can you measure your site visibility on the major search engines?
- Can you accurately check your site ranking?
- How effective are your efforts to improve your site ranking?


- How is your site performing in relation to your category average?

Access the Analytics service that allows you to increase the performance of your e-commerce.