ShinyStat™ Video Analytics

Online communications through video is extremely effective, emotionally involving users, bringing them closer to your products and services, redefining customer service and promoting viral marketing.
Video Analytics is the ideal platform to gain insight into the interaction of users with video and multimedia contents.

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics is a complementary and parallel module of Web Analytics which enables you to get real-time information about how your users interact with the video and multimedia content on your site.
To find out more about how videos can help your online communication we recommend this ShinyStat™ presentation.

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics allows you to measure user interactions through the "Vision Spectrum": an innovative metric that makes it possible to analytically evaluate the interest for each portion of the video, highlighting the moments in which the audience was mostly interested and what the most frequent moments of video abandonment are.

Video Analytics offers specific metrics, designed and created specifically for the video environment. The Internet site is no longer at the centre of the analysis, in particular the page hosting the video player but the interactions with it by the individual user. The average viewing time, the number of Absolute Unique/Monthly/Daily Users who display it with the relative frequency are recorded.

One of the main problems of video distribution is the fear to lose control of its contents. The distribution data of each video is obtained automatically by using ShinyStat Video Analytics even if "embedded" by third parties. You can know exactly where your videos are and how performing they are (with all the specific metrics) for each single distribution channel.

Online video-delivery is highly diversified and there are many different systems and multimedia content platforms. ShinyStat Video Analytics is a flexible software and which is currently working with the following technologies: Javascript, Actionscript and HTML5 and it is already compatible with the main Video platforms such as: Youtube and Vimeo and with the most used video players.

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics

ShinyStat™ Video Analytics


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