The most complete Italian DMP in the world with over 20 million active Italian cookies

Data for Performance

In the business where data analysis represents the future ... the DMP must be considered as the present.

A DMP for On-Site Marketing Automation

ShinySense is the first DMP solution on the Italian market in "full outsourcing" to optimize the delivery of messages and/or implement a differentiated communication among the various browser clusters on e-commerce websites.

The use of the DMP as a booster of one's business

ShinySense technology responds to the most advanced needs in terms of adaptive marketing since through the simple entry of a tag on the site it enables the "responsiveness" of the editorial and/or e-commerce properties of the user with respect to the characteristics of the single navigator.

The fundamental support to start a proactive engagement strategy

The use of ShinySense DMP is essential for those who wish to undertake a path involving the use of some of the most advanced digital marketing tools that are available today on the domestic market. Finally, the "adaptive" navigation for single user clusters with ShinySense is available for everyone.

When marketing calls and technology replies

The most modern techniques of involvement and "management" of the consumer journey of the consumer cannot disregard the use of tools that convey the communications to the right subject at the right time in a discriminated way...

A flexible DMP at the service of digital marketing

The ShinySense DMP contains clustered data in pre-configured categories but is also suitable for the creation of new clusters prepared in relation to the individual needs of the Customer.

By simply sensing the Customer's website with the DMP ShinySense tag, it will be possible to obtain complete reports on the characteristics of the site's navigators so that they can be exploited both in the On-site Engage and in the purchase of "targeted" Advertising (Lookalike Activities).

An additional data source to increase performance

ShinySense is designed to be used in the analysis of navigation data on the Customer's site through the creation of specific reserved sections within the technological infrastructure thanks to which they can be associated with each individual browser:

  1. "Purchase Propensity” Scoring: The data is clustered on the basis of the propensity for user interaction with what is present on the site (for example: product display, addition to cart, purchase, etc.)
  2. “Product Affinity” Scoring: this clustering allows us to identify the affinity of users with the different types and characteristics of the products on the site.

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