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Free Web Analytics

Measure in real time and easily the performance of your website.

Customer data in real time

ShinyStat Free is the only Analytics system with census detection in real time and completely free, designed for a playful and/or personal use. Daily visits, bounce rate, spent time and many other metrics will be visible in the simple and clear ShinyStat Free dashboards.

User-frienldiness and accuracy

ShinyStat Free dashboards allow a total control over all the fundamental parameters to evaluate the correct functioning of a website. In a detailed and timely manner you can evaluate on which areas of your property to intervene in order to improve performance.

Socio-demographic composition of the audience

ShinyStat Free is a processing platform that combines Analytics traffic data with statistical information relating to the socio-demographic composition of the Website's Audience. This tool is essential to understand if the site being analyzed is visited by the desired subjects (eg Males 25-35 years).

Traffic Geolocalization

Among the proposed detections Shinystat Free also includes an accurate analysis of the traffic origin by geographical area. If you know the prevalent localization of your Audience you are able to understand the communication efficacy with respect to your marketing goals related to a particular territory.

Free web counter with web stats

The free hit counter is intended for personal and non-profit use only, and can track up to 1,000 page views per day. The tracker is very easy to install, highly reliable, and satisfies the needs of non-professional users. The ShinyStat web counter is used by more than 250,000 users across the world. Choose the Pro or Business Versions for your business use.

A lot of counter styles to choose from

ShinyStat Free offers several Hit Counter , styles, colours and shapes to choose from. On your tracker you can display up to 2 values:

  • Online Visitors (online users)
  • Visits/total page views
  • Visits/page views in the current year
  • ShinyStat Rank (SR)
  • Number of visits/page views
  • Visits/page views in the current month
  • Visits/page views on the current day

If you are not interested in the counter, you can use an icon.

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