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Analytics & Marketing Automation for B2B

The software dedicated to Marketing Automation on Companies, Public Bodies and Associations.

Specific consultancy in "Data driven" Marketing

Our activity consists in offering Clients our exclusive technological tools and knowledge in the management of Big Data that we have gathered in the course of over ten years of activity. Our goal is to make the use of extremely complex technologies easy so that our clients can carry out concrete marketing actions.

Get the profile of your clients in real time

Our technologies makes it possible to create a dialogue in real time with those visiting the e-commerce site and have previously made the purchase. These are the subjects with whom a relationship already exists that must be fed with ad hoc communications.

Selective communication

The browsing experience can be customized based on the characteristics and purchases made previously by the subjects who have registered. The offers to propose them may include special discounts and exclusive advantages compared to those offered to the rest of the navigators. Each marketing action may therefore be different for each type of client.

Machine Learning and inferential statistics for Marketing

Through machine learning and inferential statistics it is possible to identify the relationships between products and services selected by groups of subjects that have similar behaviours. It is possible to understand, for example, that men over a certain age group and with certain interests prefer X product or Y service more frequently and act accordingly in the loyalty program.

Recognize the legal entities that visit your site

ShinyEngage B2B provides a detailed dashboard of traffic from legal entities, returning granular metrics relating to visits, pages viewed, average session time and Ateco code of the legal entities that visited the Customer's site.

Granular and detailed analytics on B2B traffic

ShinyEngage B2B dashboards provide detailed metrics of the origin of the web traffic generated by the legal entity, at the level of:

  • Channels
  • Referrers
  • Geolocation
  • Search keywords
  • Navigation path

Engagement of prospect companies

Through the built-in builder, ShinyEngage B2B allows a real-time engagement of the prospect companies through automated messages delivered by completely customizable layers. The message activation rules can be configured by the user on the basis of over 10 triggers: from analytics metrics to specific company characteristics (size, turnover, Ateco, geolocation, etc.).

Connect ShinyEngage B2B to your app with Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect ShinyStat with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work, import new companies detected through our tool into your CRM, create new lists for your email marketing campaigns and much more, no code needed.

Connect ShinyEngage B2B to your app with Zapier

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