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Viewing Spectrum for this Video

To analyze  in detail the viewers' interaction with this video, the suite ShinyStat™ Video Analytics provides you with a tool called Viewing Spectrum.
This is quite useful for a quantitative analysis of the viewers' behavior and it specifically makes it possible to determine whether there was a "non linear viewing" of the video and also to pinpoint those segments that brought the viewing to a halt.

The report shows:

Hovering with the mouse over the Viewing Spectrum you can see the total numbers of viewings for each specific segment of the video.
To check the scenes that these views make reference to, you can start playing the video where the segment you wish to analyze begins.

This function provides you with an easier approach to the data, allowing you to see again in detail those scenes that generated a greater or a smaller interest, ie. the scenes that have been viewed several times and those that have been discarded.

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