Video Analytics - Total referrers

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This report shows the origin of your video views.
In the first table you can see, for the selected time period, the number of referrers found and listed in the table below, and the number of Video views that they have generated.



Each line of the table provides the following information: Clicking on the "Day-by-day" icon    you can view the detailed report on a specific kind of referrer.

Direct request

The term Direct request indicates all the video views not coming from links located on other sites, for example in case your visitor directly enters the url of the page containing the video seen in the browser address toolbar or he reaches the page containing the video seen via the link saved within the "Bookmarks" / "Favourite" sites.

No referrer

The term "No referrer" is assigned to all the requests to the ShinyStat servers with an incorrect or absent "referrer" heading.

Please note that the referrer of a video is the referrer of the page where the video was seen.
The system measures a video view only when the user clicks the play button and starts to watch the video.
If a visitor plays more videos on the same page, the system measures more video views for the same referrer.
The referrer is internal when the visit has already started on another page of your website.

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Video Analytics - Total referrers