Web Analytics in real time on census basis

A website without analytics is like a ship without a compass.

ShinyStat™ Web Analytics is the ideal platform for gathering, measuring and analyzing web traffic data.

Web Analytics enables you to view, understand and optimize your site traffic, offering greater insight into how users interact with your web pages. A website without a professional Web Analytics system is an investment without control and without purpose.

Understanding how your website is used is crucial to understanding how to improve the user experience, guarantee optimal communications and service delivery and, consequently, meet conversion targets.

For over a decade, ShinyStat™ has been providing cutting-edge Web Analytics services and now proudly counts over half a million users around the world.

All our metrics and reports are generated in real time. No more waiting for long hours to see the effects of campaigns and marketing actions. Real time is also essential in the testing phase as well as to take Real Time Marketing actions.

All our web analytics software have been created and are constantly being developed in Italy. For this reason, our technologies strictly comply with Italian and European legislation regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR). Our company is able to provide its clients with appropriate and up-to-date software tools for the various regulatory developments related to privacy.

No data is subject to sampling, each information is collected in a census manner but saved in an aggregate and strictly anonymous manner. All data is acquired and processed in real time without any projection or sampling of the same.

It is not possible to do analysis if you are unable to perform data segmentation. In fact, segmentation is the most powerful tool available to a Data Analyst. ShinyStat has prepared a certain number of reports with default segmentations so that an in-depth analysis can be carried out quickly without specific high-level skills.

ShinyStat™ Web Analytics

ShinyStat™ Web Analytics


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Measure in real time and easily the performance of your website

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The complete Real Time Analytics platform dedicated to ecommerce.

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The solution for agencies and for those with many digital properties.