Web Analytics, ShinyStat™ versione ISP per agenzie web

Web Analytics for ShinyStat Partners

The solution for agencies and for those who manage many digital properties.

Commercial partnership

ShinyStat™ ISP is the ShinyStat™ product purchase formula exclusively reserved to the SevenData business partners network. Over 120 Italian Web Agencies have chosen to join the reseller programme of the on-site Web Analytics & Marketing Automation professional platforms developed by ShinyStat. The sales agreement provides for exclusive economic advantages in addition to sharing the know-how obtained by the ShinyStat staff over the years.


The ShinyStat' Partners are given the opportunity to graphically customize with their own logo the report template and the weekly email containing the summary of the traffic generated by the sites of the individual clients of the Partner.

Multi-account control panel

It allows an overall and simultaneous display of the traffic generated by the various sites managed by the Partner with the possibility to directly access the display of the reports of each individual account through a single control panel.

Direct access and assistance

ShinyStat offers its Partners the opportunity to set up a page on its website for direct access to reports by end customers, thus guaranteeing maximum freedom in the information flow and offering a valuable opportunity for direct communication. The Partner also has the possibility to have ongoing telephone assistance and advice for its clients and for their specific needs.


ISP Version

The benefits of being a partner
The Retailer's Area, exclusively reserved for Internet Operators, allows the distribution of the Pro and Business Versions thanks to a commercial agreement with ShinyStat.

Reseller programme for analytics and on-site marketing automation for: Web Agency, Service Provider and Media Agency.