Inserting the ShinyStat™ code in Wordpress 3.6.x sites

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How can i insert the ShinyStat code in sites created with WordPress?

For those who wish to insert the ShinyStat code within their sites created with WordPress, it is possible through plugin, easy to download.  

Configuration steps:
1.Download the plugin here;

2.Upload the WP-ShinyStat file in the
wp-content/plugins file (path: "Plugins" > "Add New" > "Upload" > "Install Now");
3.Activate it at the “Plugins” page and then “Installed Plugins”;

4.Through the “Appearance” and “Widget” sections, drag the widget in the “Available Widgets” in the sidebar.
5.Insert and install the ShinyStat code;
6.To make the plugin effective, click on “Save”

The plugin will automatically obscure Shinystat's counter when the blog is accessed by an admin in order to exclude traffic created by the latter.  

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Step 2 - Installation and get the HTML code