Inserting the ShinyStat™ code in Google Sites websites

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How can i insert the ShinyStat code in sites created with Google Sites?

For those who wish to insert the ShinyStat code within their sites created with Google Sites, it is possible through a few simple steps.  

Configuration steps:

1.Create a text file and insert the JavaScript code inside it;

2.Login into your site and click on the option “Altro” and then on “Gestisci Sito”;

3.Click on “Allegati”;

4.In the page opened click on “Carica”, then a window will open where we can search through the option “Sfoglia” the text file you created previously (step 1);
5.Once you found the file, click on “Carica”;
6.After uploading the file, insert it in one or more pages. It is not possible to insert the text in the sidebar;

7.Go back to the homepage of the site to modify the page or pages where you want to put the code in by clicking on the “Pencil” icon;

8.At this stage, click on “Insert” and then on “Ulteriori gadget”;

9.Then click on “Aggiungi gadget in base a URL” and insert the file address in the dedicated space;
10.Finally, modify the settings as you prefer;
11.Once finished, click on “OK” and “Save” on the top right.

N.B. ShinyStat is limited because the code does not permit to survey some metrics like: Referrers, Conversions,Campaigns and outward links.

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Step 2 - Installation and get the HTML code