Naming web pages - Manual completion of the PAG= parameter

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The PAG= parameter allows you to assign a name to a page, in order to make it immediately recognizable.

You can compile the PAG= parameter via the 'Dynamic Page' option, that you will find in "settings"-"advanced options", by entering a name for the web page where the ShinyStat HTML code will be placed. You need to create a unique HTML code for each page you want to assign a name to.

For example, assume you are naming the web pages of the following products: pens, fountain pens and pencils. You will need to:
– select the 'Dynamic Page' option
– enter the name you want to assign to the page, for example pens
– click the 'Get the code' button
– place the generated code into the corresponding web page

You need to follow the same instructions for each product page.

If the names assigned to your pages contain special characters, they must be encoded in the “PAG” parameter.
For example, " space" will be replaced with "%20".
If you want to assign the name "Stationery/Ballpoint Pens/BrandX", the parameter PAG= should be filled as follows: PAG=Stationery/Ballpoint%20Pens/BRANDX

The code you get by entering a name for the 'Dynamic Page' parameter should be inserted only in the corresponding web page and in the pages you want to group in the same section.
If, by mistake, the code named 'pens' is inserted into the 'pencils' page, the visits to the latter will be tracked as visits to the 'pens' page.

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