Advanced Code-Option: Code to make icon/counter visible on the Home Page

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How is it possible to generate a code which makes an icon/counter come out in a page in a different way as regards to any other page of the website?

To display your favorite icon or counter on all pages, please use the options available in the Icons/Counters page in the Setting section.

The 'Code for a visible counter/icon on the home page' option allows to create a unique HTML code to be inserted only in the web page where you wish to display an icon/counter differently from the icon/counter on the other pages.
After clicking on the 'Create the code' button, the system will allow you to choose the new icon/counter.

For the complete procedure on how to display the icon/counter only on specific pages, please read How can I make the icon/counter only visible on the homepage and not on the sub-pages?, present in the section "Frequent questions and answers".

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