Insert the ShinyStat™ HTML code

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How to enter the ShinyStat™ HTML code

To properly insert the ShinyStat™ HTML code into your web pages and for the correct functioning of the service, you need to make sure that the code is inserted:

(*) This position also allows to comply with one of the international Internet audience measurement standards.
Only in this way, every page will be enterely loaded and viewed by the visitor before ShinyStat™ measures it.

Some HTML editors may modify or inappropriately insert the ShinyStat™ code via the ‘Copy&Paste’ command.
In this case, we suggest to use a text editor (like Windows NotePad) and type the full code again.

To enter the ShinyStat code on websites created with the main CMS platforms, please consult the following pages:

If you use FrontPage, insert the ShinyStat™ code by using the following commands:

- FrontPage version 4.0: Insert / HTML Tag
- FrontPage version 2000: Insert / Avanced / HTML
- FrontPage version 2002: Insert / Web Components / Advanced Options / HTML

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