Naming web pages - Automatic completion of the PAG= parameter

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How can I assign a name to dynamic pages generated through cgi, php, asp, etc.?

In case your site has an online catalogue with hundreds of products, you do not need to manually generate a unique HTML code for each product page. The application generating your dynamic pages (cgi, php, asp, etc) can automatically fill in the PAG= parameter with the name of the page requested by your visitor.

To compile the code you should use the Dynamic Page option only for getting a sample code to be used to properly insert the PAG= parameter in the code. You need to:

– select the 'Dynamic Page' option in Settings- Advanced Options
– enter a sample name in the 'Page name' field, for example xxx
– click the 'Get the code' button
– make your asp (or cgi, php, etc.) application and change the xxx name with the name of the page requested by the visitor.

To get a correct code via your application, it is advisable to contact your web developer.

If the names assigned to your pages contain special characters, they must be encoded in the “PAG” parameter.
For example, " space" will be replaced with "%20".
If you want to assign the name "Stationery/Ballpoint Pens/BrandX", the parameter PAG= should be filled as follows: PAG=Stationery/Ballpoint%20Pens/BRANDX

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