Inserting the ShinyStat™ code in Wordpress 2.7-3.5.x

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How can I insert the ShinyStat code in sites created with Wordpress 2.7.x-3.5.x?

In order to install the ShinyStat™ code for sites created with Wordpress 2.7.x-3.5.x, it is possible through the download of the plugin WP-ShinyStat.  

Configuration Steps:

1.Download here the plugin and install the contents of the zip file in the folder wp-content/plugins;

2.Activete the plugin from the corresponding WordPress page;
3.Drag the widget denominated “ShinyStat” on the sidebar in the position you prefer;

4.Configure the widget with your ShinyStat code;
5.Save the new configuration to make the changes effective.

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Step 2 - Installation and get the HTML code