Advanced Code - Option: Rename page (assign a name to your pages)

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How to assign a name to web pages in order to make reports easy to read?

This option allows to fill in the PAG= parameter which will be inserted in the ShinyStat HTML code and which assigns a name to the web pages.

By assigning a name to your web pages, your statistics become easier to read, especially when your site uses dynamic pages which are usually named after a parameter sequence and which may look pretty obscure unless you are a web developer.

Thanks to this feature, you can assign a name to a web page by entering it in the PAG= parameter within the ShinyStat HTML code of that page.

Moreover, by naming your pages, you can group the site pages in sections.

You can assign a name via the PAG= parameter manually or automatically.

If the names assigned to your pages contain special characters, they must be encoded in the “PAG” parameter.
For example, " space" will be replaced with "%20".
If you want to assign the name "Stationery/Ballpoint Pens/BrandX", the parameter PAG= should be filled as follows: PAG=Stationery/Ballpoint%20Pens/BRANDX

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