Inserting the ShinyStat™ code with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

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How can I insert the ShinyStat™ code in sites with Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

In order to install the ShinyStat™ code in the sites that use Google Tag Manager, just do this:

1. In Google Tag Manager, click on the Add a new tag button.

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2. Click where it says Choose a tag type to begin setup…

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3. Select Custom HTML from the list.

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4. Insert into the text field the ShinyStat code for GTM. The ShinyStat code for GTM is the following:

<!-- Begin ShinyStat Code -->
<script src="<TRACKING_ID>&NODW=yes" async="async"></script>
<!-- End ShinyStat Code -->

N.B.: Insert your Tracking ID instead <TRACKING_ID> tag

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5. Click Choose a trigger to make this tag fire...

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6. Click All Pages.

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 7. Name the tag and then click the Save button

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8. Submit your changes

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9. Make sure your live environment is selected, and click Publish.

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Step 2 - Installation and get the HTML code