Free Web Analtics: features of ShinyStat™ FREE.

In the table below we shortly list the features offered by this version of ShinyStat™.

blue links: active feature on Free version
grey links: active feature on other versions

Traffic Reports
Page views
New visitors
Daily unique visitors/browsers
Weekly unique visitors /browsers
Monthly unique visitors
New vs Returning Visitors
Visit frequency
Average number of visits per hour
Average number of visits per days of the week
Miscellaneous Reports
Report page setting
Weekly report via e-mail
Password protected reports
Excluding IP addresses or single computers
Advanced Calendar - Compare to Past
Comparative Reports
Secure Server - Https pages
Last visits
Last 15 visits
Last 100 visits
Last 200 visits
Last 500 visits
B2B (Business to Business) Module
B2B (Business to Business) Module – to analyse visits by companies
Socio Demographic data
Socio Demographic Data
Adblock Analytics tool
Adblock Analytics
System Reports
Browsers (using either a Mobile device or a Desktop device)
Operating System with version (using either a Mobile device or a Desktop device)
Colour palettes and Screen resolutions
Cookies, Java and Javascript
Total referrers
Search Engines
Search Keywords
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click Keys
Pages (Landing Pages of each Referrer)
Country of Origin
Search Origin
Not Provided Keywords
Not Provided Keywords (Beta)
SERD (Search Engine Ranking Detection)
Ranking per keyword
Ranking per search engine
Requests per page
Refs (Referrers of each Page)
Entry pages
Exit pages
Page groups
Entry page groups
Exit page groups
Page views per visitor
CGI, ASP, PHP parameters support
Dynamic pages
External links
Time spent on site
Average time spent on pages
Time spent on each page
Channels - for analysing the traffic generated by specific sections of your site
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Bounce Rate
ShinyStat™ Video Analytics
Video analytics in real time
Viewing Spectrum
ShinyStat™ Video Analytics - Metrics
Distribution 2.0
Acquisition scenarios
Mobile Analytics
Mobile Traffic
Visits from Mobile Devices
Page views from Mobile Devices
Page views per visit form Mobile Devices
New visitors from Mobile Devices
Monthly unique visitors/browsers from Mobile Devices
Weekly unique visitors/browsers from Mobile Devices
Daily unique visitors/browsers from Mobile Devices
Time spent on site from Mobile Devices
Time spent per pages from Mobile Devices
Standard counter
Double counter
Inline counter
Skin counter
Invisible icon
Online visitors and other values
Online advertising campaigns
Online advertising campaigns
Campaigns Campaigns from parameters
Campaigns from domains
Monetary Conversions
Non Monetary Conversions
Conversions by referrers
Conversions by search engines
Conversions by campaigns
Conversions by Gender, Age and Interest Categories
Graphic representation of paths
Search a path
Export to PDF format
Export to Postscript format
Export to CSV format (for MS-Excel)
General Benchmarking on visits per month
Benchmarking on page views
Benchmarking on new visitors per month
Benchmarking on time spent on site
Benchmarking on time spent per page
Benchmarking on page views per visit
Benchmarking on referring sites
Benchmarking on direct requests
Benchmarking on visits from search engines
Benchmarking on incoming italian sites
Benchmarking on incoming foreign sites
ISP Options
Control panel
Technical Support
Online guide
No banner ads