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This report enables you to analyze visitor referrers according to geographic localization, showing the city of each referrer.
Reading the relevant data is quick and easy thanks to the map and the ability to zoom in and out. This way the analysis represents a useful tool to optimize the strategies implemented to make your website more visible in specific geographic areas.

For example, from a reading of the geolocalization report one could perceive a low figure of visitors from a particular area. In such a case it may be possible to launch specific marketing schemes, ranging from ads in local newspapers to sponsoring local events, later evaluating their effect through an increase in visits from those areas.
How does the geolocalization system work

The geolocalization system, unlike all the other information that we provide on the basis of our own data gathering, depends on data provided by TLC companies in every country, by correlating visitor IP addresses with data in the official databases of the international managing bodies, which collect that data. It is up to the TLCs to provide the international managing bodies with the geolocalization for every new range of IP addresses. Any discrepancy or error on the geolocalization map is due to this data and is not the responsibility of ShinyStat. The degree of precision in the TLC data transmission affects the reliability of their data.


Even more so than in other reports, in the geolocalization report the graphic component is of key importance rather than simply an accessory. Although reading this report is highly intuitive, you may find some useful indications here:

- the different colours make it possible to immediately differentiate the areas where most visits are coming from (marked by a darker colour) from those without visits

- after selecting an area, you can manually scroll around the map

- you can place the mouse over a specific geographical area, be it a continent, country or city, to view its data

- click on a city to view a new report showing the trend of visits coming from that city

- a maximum of 200 cities are shown at any given time on the map to make its consultation as easy as possible. By clicking on the orange arrow next to the total number of cities shown one can see the next batch of up to 200 cities.


While the map offers an overall view and the ability to visualize with a few clicks the data relating to a specific geographic area, the table below the map, which lists the data in an orderly fashion, is crucial for a more detailed analysis of the relevant data.
The table shows the different geographic areas (continents, countries and cities). You can get a more detailed view of a specific area by clicking on one of these. Just like in the map a maximum of 200 cities is viewable at any given time.
Reports relating to the traffic in any area can be accessed by clicking on the "trend" link to the right of that area. The trend report makes it possible to analyse the access fluctuations for each area and is therefore especially useful for assessing the results of geomarketing projects and their short-term, mid-term and long-term effects.

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