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The configuration of a campaign from parameters allows to aggregate traffic coming from many different domains and to attribute it to a single campaign, which will be presented in reports as a source of traffic on its own.
To configure a campaign from parameters, it is necessary to add to the campaign destination URL the parameters given by ShinyStat so as to generate a special tracking URL.
To attribute the tracked data to the configured campaign, it is enough that the banner or the advertising message, present on the different websites, point at the generated URL.
By configuring a campaign from parameters, ShinyStat Business allows you to know the number of visits coming from an adveritising message containing the campaign parameter.

Campaigns from parameters are suitable in the following cases:

- CAMPAIGNS ON DIFFERENT WEBSITES, in order to aggregate data coming from different domains and to consider the campaign on the whole.
- E-MAIL MARKETING, NEWSLETTER: in order to verify the return from e-mail marketing actions in terms of clicks ,visits, conversions.
Normally, infact, when a user opens an email by using a client software (Outlook express, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc) and clicks on a link, his/her visit is considered as a direct request.
By configuring a campaign from parameter and by inserting the special tracking url in the message, you will be able to track the user referrer which therefore will be attributed to the campaign.

- CREATIVITY ASSESSMENT,  in order to quickly evaluate which is the best creativity among the different available.
To verify which of the different ads present on the same web page works better, it is possble to configure more than one campaign from parameters, one for each ad, in order to check in real time which source, among the different banner or advertising messages, produces the most clicks, visits and, above all, conversions.

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