Benchmarking on referring sites

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Benchmarking is a measuring method which helps you evaluate and improve your performance. Unlike traditional Competitor Analysis, Benchmarking allows you to expand your survey onto a much broader playing field. The ShinyStat Business Benchmarking tool is based on the monthly aggregation of a large amount of data relating to the traffic generated by a select group of websites (more than 100,000) that use the ShinyStat service. The traffic generated by such a high number of websites results in a broad and highly representative sample in terms of the data it provides about the activities and the preferences of the Italian Internet market. For some categories, ShinyStat offers Category Benchmarking with which, unlike General Benchmarking, you can measure your site against a sample of sites in your same category.
To benchmark your site, you need to identify the 'Performance Indicators', i.e. a series of objective parameters to compare and measure your site traffic. In ShinyStat Business we have selected for you the following Performance Indicators:

- Visits per month
- Page views per month
- New visitors per month
- Average time spent on site
- Average time spent per page
- Average page views per visit
- Percentage of direct requests
- Percentage of visits from search engines
- Percentage of visits from sites

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