B2B (Business to Business) Module – to analyse visits by companies

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B2B Module offers useful data to understand if your website is able to attract a business target.

The report, in fact, shows the trend of visits to your website made by business users and the list of all companies that entered your website, providing all relevant details for each browsing session.

In particular, the first report consists of two parts:

The chart allows you to compare at a glance the trend of visits made by companies with bounce visits, that is the trend of visits by companies that leave after viewing only one page.
The dual representation of both values clearly shows the difference and, therefore, the level of interest in your content, typically signalled by a low bounce rate, except in specific cases.

The table shows the list of companies who have visited your site, the number of visits made ​​by each, their bounce visits and bounce rate.

Moreover, you can access an in-depth report (*) containing all the information about visits to your site made by a single company:

Visits: number of visits and its trend
Bounces: bounces and bounce rate
Traffic Sources: graphs and tables show how many times the company has entered the site from Direct Request, Websites, Blogs and Social Networks, Search Keywords, Pay per Click or Campaigns, with relative details
City of origin: list of cities where the company has connected when entered the website
Entry pages: list of pages viewed as first during a visit by the company __________________________________________________________________________________________
To find this report, simply:

Log into the 'My account' section  by entering your username and password from the page http://shinystat.com/it/vedistat.html
• Click on "Display Report" in the left menu
• Then click on "B2B Module" under "General" in the left menu

(*) In the ShinyStat Pro version users will be able to display only the first page.

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B2B (Business to Business) Module