Pay Per Click

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ShinyStat allows you to verify how many times visitors arrived at your website via a sponsored link purchased through the pay per click formula.

ShinyStat records the clicks relating to the ads on Google AdWords and AdSense (advertiser side) and Sponsored Search and Content Match on Yahoo!
As a result of this important new development, ShinyStat users will be able to distinguish between visitors arriving from organic search engine searches and those hailing from sponsored links (i.e. Pay per Click or PPC).

PPC data are available in the Referrers menu under the entries PPC and PPC keys.

Attention! Unlike all other data in the Referrers menu, PPC and PPC keys data are based on the number of Clicks and not on Visits.

The most interesting report relates to the keywords (*) typed by the users for the search.

By closely examining each keyword and relative combinations, you will be able to:

ShinyStat automatically records clicks coming from sponsored links on the condition that, in the Preferences menu of your Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search marketing account, you enabled display of the full destination URL of the page where the ad points to.
In order to do so, proceed as outlined in the guide

(*)Pro users can display up to 20 keys.

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