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The term "Conversion" means the successful completion by the visitor of a specific action considered as important to the objectives set by the website manager.

For monetary conversions, the important action is the conclusion of an on-line order, for example booking a hotel through the website, or purchasing a plane ticket, a book or a training course, etc.

The Monetary Conversions of a website coincide with the sales generated by that site.
Monetary Conversions ought to be used by any website which manages e-commerce or sales activities in general, as, for instance, the online booking in the tourism sector.

By setting up Monetary Conversions properly, you will be able to know the provenance of each purchase made on your website, to evaluate the usability of your e-commerce platform currently in use, to relate your web marketing activities to the revenue and consequently to promptly improve your conversion rate.

For each monetary conversion, ShinyStat provides many useful data, such as:

- first visit referrer which indicates the origin of the user's first visit and the last referrer which indicates the origin of the conversion visit.

- the buy attutude, i.e the ratio between the number of conversions and the amount of the visits that the user has made

- the conversion time, represented by the period elapsed from the first visit to the conversion visit

- conversion paths, i.e the path the purchaser took throughout the website on the occasion of the purchase.

- visit geolocalization along with the details relating to the country, region and city from which the conversion visit has been made.

Other data on quantity, price and type of products purchased, any shipping costs and taxes, city, county and state, entered by the customer when filling out the form, should be provided by the web site owner by correctly installing and configuring the service.

In the Monetary Conversions section it is possible to display the following reports:

- Conversion List
- Number of conversions
- Conversion Rate
- Revenue
- Average order value
- Conversion Sources
- Global campaigns
- Visits per Conversion
- Page Views per Conversion
- Time of Conversion
- Conversions per Browser
- Conversions per OS
- Conversions by Gender and Age Groups
- Conversions by Interest Categories 

The "Conversion Sources" report shows you the sources of traffic from websites, search engines and keywords, Pay Per Click campaigns (keyword advertising) or direct requests, which generate the greatest number of conversions, i.e., of business or target visits.

The "Conversions by Gender, Age Groups and Interest Categories" offer statistically based reports that allow you to analyse the conversions according to the socio-demographic profile of visitors (gender, age, interests).

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