Conversions by referrers

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A conversion occurs when a visitor carries out an action that the ShinyStat user deems valuable according to his analysis objectives.
Examples of conversions are: the successful completion of an online order/purchase, the filling out of a form or the subscription to a mailing-list.

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors carrying out such an action against the number of visitors coming from the same referrer.
It is a key element for analyzing a successful advertising campaign. In addition, it shows how effective specific search engines or partner sites are.

Campaign Conversions

Campaign conversion analysis (keyword advertising, partner sites, e-mail marketing or banners) allows you to evaluate three key elements of your advertising campaigns:

- the number, the kind of conversion and the conversion rate per campaign

- ROI (Return On Investment) is the indicator that compares, as a percentage, the revenues gained from the investment (i.e. the cost of your campaign)

- CPC (Cost-per-click) and CPA (Cost-per Action), two parameters which measure, respectively: the cost calculated on a per-click basis and the cost divided by the number of conversions (Actions).

Referrer Conversions

The conversions by referrer allow you to identify which referrer (websites and search engines including the search terms) provide the visitors with the highest number of conversions. Thanks to this feature, for each referrer you will be shown:

- the number and the kind of conversions
- the revenue they generate
- the conversion rate

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