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This reports offers an overall view of the visits to your site and shows the origin of your visitors.
The first table shows the total number of referrers during the selected month and the number of visits they generated.


Pie chart - Composition percentage
The pie chart shows the percentage composition of visits according to the origin of your visitors, indicating the percentage of visits from the different traffic sources such as Sites, Search Engines, Pay Per Click, Campaigns, Social Networks, Direct Request and Webmail.

Stacked bar chart
The stacked bar chart shows the composition in absolute values of the visits according to the origin from the different traffic sources (represented with different colors).  


In every line of the table you will find the following data: Icons:

Direct request

The term Direct request indicates all the video views not coming from links located on other sites, for example in case your visitor directly enters the URL of the page containing the video seen in the browser address toolbar or he reaches the page containing the video seen via the link saved within the "Bookmarks" / "Favourite" sites.

No referrer

The term No referrer is assigned to all the requests to the ShinyStat servers with an incorrect or absent 'referrer' heading.

Bounce Rate (*)
The Bounce Rate, in connection with a traffic source, helps you in understanding the possible reactions of users when arriving on your site from a specific kind of referrer.
A high Bounce Rate could be due to a gap between the landing page and the expectations that an ad in the site, in a search engine or in a promotional campaign has generated in the user.
The Pages report (Pages) lets you see in detail which pages have a higher "Bounce Rate" for a specific source, providing you with a useful set of statistics to figure out what are the problems for your visitors and optimize your investment.
For more information about Bounces, please take a look at the page called: Bounces - Bounce Rate

(*) Bounces and Bounce Rate are available only in ShinyStat Pro and ShinyStat Business version since July 2010.

Traffic data from links configured as Google Analytics Campaign are displayed in the "Campaign Referers" report regardless of the traffic source in which the link was clicked (since 14th December 2017).
For further information, please contact the ShinyStat  Support Centre

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Total referrers