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How can I verify in detail the geographic localization of the visitors?

In this report, the visits to your website are aggregated under the geographic localization of the visitors.
By interacting with the map and the table, you will be able to analyze the referrers of the visits per Continents, Countries, Regions and Cities.

While the other information on the platform are gathered by ShinyStat itself, the data concerning the geolocation of IP addresses are based on the parameters provided by the TLC companies of each country to the international bodies which manage the Ip assignment.
Therefore any anomaly or inaccuracy doesn't depends on ShinyStat.



We report below some useful tips to look up in the map:

-According to the amount of received visits, each geographic area will be marked by a different nuance: while the darker spots of color indicate the areas where the most visitors are coming from, the lighter ones point out a low or absent stream of visits.

-By passing the mouse over a given area, the related note will appear showing the corresponding amount of visits.

-If you click on a geographic area, the map refreshes and shows only the picked area. Then you can proceed with the consultation passing from continents to countries, from countries to cities. -Clicking on a city , you will have access to the trend of the visits coming from there.

-Unlike for the other states, Italy has a further report which provides data gathered per region.
If you want to display all the cities where visits come from, regardless of the region they belong to, just click on "Disable regional display"

-After a first selection, you can move along the map using the option below "click to enable map manual scrolling".
Once you get your area of interest, you have to disable that option.

-In order to make the report easy to read, a maximum of 200 cities will be displayed at any time.
You only have to click on the orange arrow to view the next batch of up to 200 cities.


As for the map, the table allows you to go into detail by going from continents to countries and subsequently to cities, by clicking on the names of the different geographic areas.

For each area the number of visits and the corresponding percentuage on the total of the visits are provided. Moreover, clicking on "day by day", you will be able to access a detailed account. Data concerning Italy can be displayed through the gathering per region in the table too.

Please notice that the content of this report is protected by password even in case you decided to make your statistics visible to the public.

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