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The Pages report provides you with the landing pages  for each  referrer. It is useful to analyse your brand reputation and in particular the position occupied by each page of your website in search engines.

The Referrer - Pages (Landing Pages of each Referrer) report shows you a list of all the landing pages of your website, originating from a specific referrer.

Which keywords give me a dual positioning on search engines? Which precise page of my site is linked in that forum?
Which users link directly to my photogallery? And which ones link instead to a specific product page or to a specific service page? Do my users enter directly in any sub-section of my website?

In the first table, for the selected time period, you can find:

In every line of the table you will find the following data in relation to a particular referrer for the selected time period: Clicking on the "Trend" icon for each page, you can access the report that shows the trend of visits coming from a specific referrer for a particular page of your website in the selected time period.

In the event that a specific referrer provides several links pointing to different parts of your website, the Pages report will let you know exactly which were the landing pages for users coming from that referring site, and also how many visits and how many clicks they performed for that page.

In particular, this report offers you a detailed analysis of your positioning in search engines, it is possible to see whether your website is positioned only through your homepage or with other pages, as well as what kind of results you are getting.

Bounce Rate
The Pages report (Pages) lets you see in detail which pages have a higher "Bounce Rate" for a specific source, providing you with a useful set of statistics to figure out what are the problems for your visitors and optimize your investment.
The Bounce Rate, in connection with a traffic source, helps you in understanding the possible reactions of users when arriving on your site from a specific search engine or keyword, from a given web page or from a particular campaign (banner, mail, link, or Pay Per Click).
A high Bounce Rate could be due to a gap between the landing page and the expectations that an ad in the site, in a search engine or in a promotional campaign has generated in the user.
For more information about Bounces, please take a look at the page called: Bounces - Bounce Rate

Please note: 
Bounces and Bounce Rate are available since July 2010.

Watch Out!

The system keeps track of traffic data for a page only if the ShinyStat working code has been properly inserted in that particular pageData is available from January 13, 2010.

For more information about Pages, please take a look at the introductory note in the page called Pages (Landing Pages of each Referrer).

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