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How can I hange the e-mail address registered to recieve the weekly reports and service information?
How can I modify the URL, the description, the category or the language of the monitored website?

In your “Account management” > “Settings” panel, in the "User Information" section, you can change the following account information:

It is possible to modify the “User information”, following the steps below:

The field allows you to specify the domain of the site on which the code is inserted.
It is possible to modify the site URL by simply entering the new site address in this field.

To transfer your ShinyStat subscription to a new site, we recommend following the steps here below: It is recommended to analyse a single site with each account: in fact, using the same ShinyStat code for more domains, traffic data will be aggregated to lose meaning.
In the case of portals or Networks of sites, please contact the Support Center to evaluate the most appropriate solution based on specific needs.


ShinyStat uses the e-mail address provided in this field to send you messages about your account management, such as  the "Weekly report", the  "notice of expiry" or the "notice of the possible exceeding of the limit of monthly page views".

Moreover, it allows you to recover the Forgotten Password. Therefore, we recommend you to update your e-mail address when you need it, so that this address is always valid.  

The text entered in this field is displayed in the General Ranking of ShinyStat ™ - Top Sites and allows you to provide information about the topics covered by the site.  

The category indicates the sector of activity to which the site refers. It is displayed in the "Account Management" page and is used to place the site in the General Ranking.
To change your site category, you need to fill out a request form by clicking on the available link (see also the User Information page).

From this drop-down menu you can select the language for your reports. To confirm the changes to the 'User Information' data, enter your password and click on 'Change' button.

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