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How can I identify the dynamic pages in order to make them immediately recognizable?

The option "Dynamic page parameters display (cgi, asp,php etc)" allows you to retrieve the parameters of your dynamic pages within the ""Pages> Requests per page" report, which otherwise would be filtered.

Thanks to this feature you can identify your dynamic pages precisely.

By activating this option, the address of each web page will be displayed entirely in the "Pages> Requests per page" report (and in all the reports showing the names of the individual pages). So, this option allows you to obtain traffic data for each individual page.

By deactivating this option, the relative data will be aggregated.

As an alternative, for an easier management of the data from dynamic pages (such as asp, php, cgi, etc), ShinyStat suggests to use the 'Dynamic Page' Option which allows you to assign a name to each dynamic page via the PAG= parameter.

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