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How to open the Short Notice banner in order to ask the prior consent to the visitors of your web site before allowing ShinyStat™ to release profiling cookies.

The "Socio-Demo" report represents an "Optional Feature": the activation of this option implies the release of profiling cookies by ShinyStat™.
It is therefore necessary to appropriately block these profiling cookies before obtaining the visitor's prior consent. 

The ShinyStat™ "Short notice" option allows you to display the short notice banner and block the profiling cookies released by ShinyStat™ without having to go into the source code. 
This option can be activated or deactivated at any time by selecting the "Short notice" option in "Settings" > "Preferences".

The ShinyStat™ "Short notice" option implies the automatic activation of the following functions:
To activate the ShinyStat™ "Short notice" option, you must first read and accept the Terms of Service for the reference version.

To proceed, just do the following: To deactivate the ShinyStat™ "Short notice", simply deselect the option and save the change.
To modify the Cookie Policy url, simply enter the desired address in the URL field, then click on the "Apply" button at the bottom.

Extended Information Notice (Cookie Policy)

Please, remember to update your Cookie Policy (Extended Notice) by appropriately reporting analytics cookies and profiling cookies released by ShinyStat™ and indicating the links to the following pages:
For more information, refer to the Italian Data Protection Authority's website, where all useful documents are available, starting from the decision ("Simplified Arrangements to Provide Information and Obtain Consent Regarding Cookies - 8 may 2014) available here:

For further information, please contact us by writing to the ShinyStat™ Support Center.

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