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How can I activate or deactivate the Optional Features ?

The item "Optional Features", in Setup > Preferences, allows you to activate some interesting “optional” reports as "Socio Demographic Data" and "Not-Provided Keywords" plus the "Last 100 visits" for the ShinyStat ™ Free version.

ShinyStat ™ Free version provides as Optional Features also the following reports:

To activate the “Optional Features”, it is first necessary read the Terms of Service for your reference version.

To activate them, just do the following:

To deactivate the “Optional Features”, just do the following:

Please note
Turning off the "Optional Features", the corresponding report will be disabled: you can no longer access to the "Socio-Demo" report and to the historical data, which can be recovered in no way.
Similarly, for the ShinyStat™ Free version, clicking on the "Deactivate" you can no longer access to the "Last 100 visits" and "Not-Provided Keywords" with their own historical data.

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