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    ShinyStat™ Adblock Analytics – How to measure the impact of adblocking on your site

    Due to the growing usage of adblock, publishers have the need to know how many visitors are blocking ads with an adblocker in order to analyze the impact on their website and measure their adblock losses. Adblock is the popular browser extension against ads used by millions of users worldwide. The interests are opposed: on […] more
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    Website with HTTPS? How to adapt the ShinyStat™ code

    If you’re changing your website to implement the https protocol, remember to replace the current ShinyStat™ code with the ShinyStat™ code available in your setting panel for a correct measurement of traffic data. To proceed, please follow the steps below: log into your account ( click on “Settings” in the left menu click on “HTML Code” click […] more
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    How to adapt the ShinyStat™ code for HTTPS in websites created with Jimdo

    If you have a site created with Jimdo, we recommend to update the ShinyStat™ code for HTTPS. Jimdo recently announced automatic activation of the HTTPS protocol on the websites created with its platform. For more details, please click here. After this change, if you use Jimdo, remember to replace the current ShinyStat™ code with the […] more
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    “Not Provided” Keywords: the new tool released by ShinyStat™ estimate the used keys

    In the new report, ShinyStat™ shows the not-provided keywords that visitors may have used to reach your site. “Not Provided Keywords” is the new awaited tool released by ShinyStat™ for get an estimate of the keywords used by visitors to reach your site, but not provided to any browser by the search engine. Since 2012, the most used search engine in the world started […] more

    B2B Module – From ShinyStat™ the new tool to know all about the Companies which visit your site

    How many times have you wondered if your website can attract business users? What can you do to get to know the famous companies that visit you online? The need for quality data in the digital world is everything! We share your curiosity and at long last we can offer you a new, incredibly valuable […] more
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    How to insert the ShinyStat code in a website built with Jimdo

    Have you built your website with Jimdo and now do you want to measure your internet audience? With just three steps you can insert web analytics ShinyStat code in your websites created with Jimdo, a system that allows you to create websites quickly and easily. Once you have registered your ShinyStat account, you can simply […] more