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    ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics – Smartphone and tablet traffic analysis has never been so simple!

    ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics is the new tool to analyse the characteristics of the mobile channel in order to optimise your sites for mobile-users. This module is focused on the basic metrics connected to mobile navigation: visits, page views, page views per visit, unique visitors, visit duration, time spent per pages. Thanks to ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics […] more

    B2B Module – From ShinyStat™ the new tool to know all about the Companies which visit your site

    How many times have you wondered if your website can attract business users? What can you do to get to know the famous companies that visit you online? The need for quality data in the digital world is everything! We share your curiosity and at long last we can offer you a new, incredibly valuable […] more

    ShinyStat Video Analytics – How to analyze the video’s attractive power

    Videos are playing an increasingly central role in the digital evolution, for this reason it is very important to have a system of analytics which is able to provide a detailed report on their use. ShinyStat Video Analytics allows, among other functions, to aggregate their videos according to categories. With our tool, enabling the management […] more

    App Analytics – Installation vs Download: how many launch your app after downloading it?

    For those who develop mobile applications is no longer enough to know how many users downloading it from the marketplace. To evaluate the success of an app and return on investment, it is now essential to check how many users, after downloading, actually use it and how. Is not enough to look at the number […] more

    “Not provided” keywords

    It’s no more possible to identify the keywords used by visitors to access the sites searched, if they remain connected to their Google+ accounts. In fact, users logged in Google+ are automatically redirected to the https version, for which the search engine doesn’t provide the search key used, that results as “Not provided“. Consequently, when […] more

    ShinyStat at Be-Wizard! 2011

    ShinyStat™ takes part at the convention on friday 11th and saturday 12th 2011 at Palace Hotel in San Marino. Relators are chosen among the highest international experts in web marketing. First day is about presentations and it’s open to all the partecipants, second day is divided in two sessions: one for tourism and one for […] more