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Professional Web Analytics

The Analytics suite designed for publishers.

Analytics for digital professionals

ShinyStat Pro is the Analytics platform with census detection designed for professional use. The main users of the service include professional publishers who manage important publishing and information portals as well as companies and individual operators who share the need to know all the traffic details on their site.

Key detection not provided

After some search engines (including Google) have decided not to give visibility to the search keys with which the Audience has reached the site, how can you know which keys are mostly influencing the flow of users? ShinyStat Pro can detect the search keys used on the various search engines on a probabilistic basis and represent them graphically.

Detailed analysis of video use

Video Analytics is a technology developed by the ShinyStat staff that allows an in-depth analysis with ad hoc metrics of user interactions on each individual Video content. Finding out where the attention of users is concentrated, through the innovative "Spectrum of Vision", allows to understand the level of satisfaction that the contents have had with respect to the users.

Traffic measurement from devices with AdBlocking

ShinyStat Pro will give you the opportunity to know how many users browse on your site using tools that block advertising content. The correlation between this datum and the other Analytics metrics will give you a complete picture of the impact that surfing with browsers that prevent advertising is having on your business model.

Quantitative analysis of Internet audience

ShinyStat Pro is the professional web counter for tracking your website visitors in a simple and effective manner.

Service details

- How many visitors does your site get?
- How can you measure your site traffic and make your site more effective?

ShinyStat Pro is the statistics tool developed to analyze the traffic and visitors to professional sites.

Access the Analytics service designed for digital industry professionals.