Monetary Conversions - Number of Conversions

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This report shows a graphical overview of all the monetary conversions occured on the website in the selected time period.

In the first table you can see the number of monetary conversions.


On the horizontal axis, the chart shows the days or the months of the represented period and, on the vertical axis, the number of monetary conversions.

It is possible to change the type of graph by clicking on the icon on the right (bar, line and area graphs).
For periods that include at least 8 days, by clicking on the "Show/hide mobile average" icon, you can respectively show or hide the mobile average, displayed with a dotted line.


Each line of the table shows the following information: Selecting a period longer than 122 days, data are represented on a monthly basis and not per day. Click on the name of a month to view the daily data.  

Conversion List

The last table shows the complete list of all monetary conversions executed during the selected time period. For further information, please click on the following link: Monetary Conversions List

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Monetary Conversions List