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Which are the campaigns that generated the most conversions? Which ones the most revenue? Which ones the best conversion rate?

In the report Monetary conversions - Conversions sources - Conversions from campaigns you can see how many conversions have been generated by the active campaigns in the selected time period.

In the first summary table, you can find the conversions daily average and the sales daily average.

Campaign day-by-day data export
This feature allows you to export campaign data in order to analyse its performances on a daily basis.
In particular, it is possible to select one or more metrics among those available (clicks, visits, bounces) for which you want to export day-by-day data.

By clicking on the option "Grouped by campaign", it is possible to obtain a csv file which shows the list of selected metrics (and related data) for each campaign; so data is displayed campaign by campaign.
It is a useful export when you want to analyse the single campaign by comparing the various metrics, for example visits with clicks and / or with bounces.

By clicking on the "Grouped by metric" option, you can obtain a csv file that shows the list of campaigns (and related data) for each metric. 
It is a useful export when you want to compare different campaigns to evaluate which have received more or less clicks, visits and / or bounces.


  for each Campaign, you can access the report that shows the trend of conversions resulting from the specific campaign in the selected time period.

Value per visit

The "value per visit" is given by the total revenue resulting from conversions generated by the referrer under examination divided by the total number of visits from the same referrer in the selected time period.

                                              Value per visit = Revenue / Visits

This is an indication of the maximum amount that could be invested in the traffic source under examination.
In particular, in Keyword Advertising Campaigns (Pay per Click), the "value per visit" is a strategic factor, suggesting the maximum bid for each keyword.

Watch Out!
ShinyStat™ aggregates the data according to the "principle of the first referrer", ie. according to the initial source of the first visit.
For example: if a user enters the website for the first time coming from a search engine without effecting any conversion, and s/he comes back later through a campaign and converts, in the report about the Origin of Conversions, this conversion will be attributed to the search engine and not to the campaign, according to the "principle of the first referrer".
In the event that you wish to examine in detail all the conversions generated by a campaign, both when the campaign was the first referrer and when it was the last one, you can check the report called Monetary Global Conversions from campaigns.

This reports makes it possible to understand the relevance of campaign in the conversion process, as it lets you view for each conversion when the campaign was the first referrer and when it was the last one.

* Attention! Bounces are available since July 2010.

Traffic data from links configured as Google Analytics Campaign are displayed in the "Campaign Referers" report regardless of the traffic source in which the link was clicked (since 14th December 2017). For further information, please contact the ShinyStat  Support Centre

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