Monetary Conversions by Interest Categories

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The identification of the categories of interest that generated the most Monetary conversions provides a comprehensive statistical view of the audience, fundamental to define strategies, select content, improve performances.

"Monetary Conversions" > "Interest Categoriesreport provides an immediate viewboth graphic and table, on the distribution of the areas of interests of the visitors who completed conversions in the selected time period.

The first summary table shows the number of total monetary conversions for the selected time period.   


Monetary Conversions by Interest Categories and Gender
Chart and table "Interest by gender" allow you to relate the categories of interest with the gender, showing the percentage distribution of the areas of interests of the visitors who completed monetary conversions.
The report compares interests of men and women for several categories of interest.

 are available for all IAB categories, except the following:
  • Books & Literature -> Erotic
  • Gambling
  • Gambling -> Casino
  • Gambling -> Lottery & Sweepstakes
  • Gambling -> Sports Betting
  • Health -> Health Conditions
  • People & Society -> Ethnic & Identity Groups
  • People & Society -> Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender
  • People & Society -> Religion & Belief
  • People & Society -> Unions & Labor Movement
  • Adult
  • Adult -> Adult & Pornographic
  • Adult -> Swear words
The report shows data only for categories or sub-categories with a percentage value higher than 0.1%.

Please note
  • The report is an "Optional Features": the "Optional Features" can be activated or deactivated at any time by the configuration panel of your ShinyStat™ account.
  • The acquisition of the data necessary to provide the "Socio Demo" reports starts only after the activation of the "Optional Features". Therefore, this report is initially "on processing", since it involves a minimum period of acquisition to get a useful historical statistical basis
  • The report shows a statistically based  projection, with a greater trust level increasing the number of visits.For sites with a low number of visits, the system provides estimates of the probable distributions taking into account different factors.
  • The data are available with monthly resolution. They are shown in the report from the first day of the month following the month of the survey, and not earlier than 15 days from the activation date
    Exampleif the "Optional Featuresare activated on October 23the reports will start to display data from the first day of December.
  • By selecting a period of the current monththe system displays data for the previous month
    Example: by selecting from 10 to 20 on the current month, system displays data for the preceding month to the current one.
  • By selecting a period spanning on two or more months, the report shows data for all months which include the selected period. 
    Example: by selecting from September 9 to October 20the system will show the data for both full monthsSeptember and October.

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