Monetary Conversion per Country

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In this report ("Monetary Conversion per Country") the monetary conversions are aggregated based on the Country of origin of your visitors. 
In particular, it shows the list of countries from which visitors connected when they completed monetary conversions and the corresponding percentage on the total monetary conversions.



The pie chart shows the percentage composition of monetary conversions according to the countries of origin.

The stacked bar chart shows the composition in absolute values of monetary conversions according to the countries of origin (represented with different colors).

In every line of the table you will find the following data: , you access the report that shows the distribution of monetary conversions coming from the corresponding geographical area.
By clicking instead on the name of each country, the report shows the list of the cities (for the selected country) from which the monetary conversions arrived in the period considered.
Only for Italy, by clicking on "Italy" you can view aggregated data by regions.
Furthermore, by clicking on the name of the single region, the report shows the list of cities belonging to the selected region from which the visits arrived in the selected period.

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