Non Monetary Conversions - Number of Conversions

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This report shows a graphical overview of all the non-monetary conversions occured on the website in the selected time period.

In the first table you can see the number of non-monetary conversions.


On the horizontal axis, the chart shows the days or the months of the represented period and, on the vertical axis, the number of non-monetary conversions.

It is possible to choose a different graph chart by clicking on the icon corresponding to the graph type (FL means "Flash Chart").
For intervals no longer than 6 months the chart shows a dotted line representing the 7-day mobile average.
For the other intervals, the chart shows only the 7-day mobile average.


Each line of the table shows the following information: Selecting a period longer than 122 days, data are represented on a monthly basis and not per day.
Click on the name of a month to view the daily data.

Conversion List

The last table shows the complete list of all non-monetary conversions executed during the selected time period. For further information, please click on the following link: Non-Monetary Conversions List

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Non Monetary Conversions List