Non Monetary Conversions per Operating Systems

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Which are the Operating Systems that generated the most non monetary conversions? When is it best to optimize your site for a given Operating System?

In the report called “Non Monetary Conversions per Operating Systems", all non monetary conversions are listed according to the Operating Systems used by your visitors. The first table provides the following information:

The Operating Systems (and their versions) are listed in the table here below grouped by Operating System.

Filters Pie Chart
The pie chart shows the percent distribution of all non monetary conversions generated using different Operating Systems in a particular time period.

Trend Chart

This chart allows you to compare the performance of the most used Operating Systems to generate non monetary conversions in your site.
So you can identify which Operating Systems are becoming more or less relevant to your visitors at a glance.
On the horizontal axis, the chart shows the days or the months of the represented period and, on the vertical axis, the number of non monetary conversions for the first four Operating Systems used to visit your site in the same interval. 

It is possible to choose a different graph chart by clicking on the icon corresponding to the graph type (FL means "Flash Chart"). 
For intervals no longer than 6 months the chart shows a dotted line representing the 7-day mobile average.
For the other intervals, the chart shows only the 7-day mobile average.

The real time data and the daily forecast for the current day are represented in different colors. The color-coded chart is available only in case the 'Latest 31 days' interval is selected.

Each line of the table provides the following information: Clicking on the “Day-by-day” icon  in connection with each Operating System, you can access the report showing the trend of non monetary conversions generated utilising  the given Operating System in a particular time period.

Data is available since April 2016. 

Operating System Versions
To view all details related to the Operating System versions, just click on the blue arrow by the name of the Operating System that you want to analyze.

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