Non Monetary Conversions by Gender and Age groups

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The "Gender Age Groups" tool is a statistically based report that allows to analyse the non-monetary conversions according to the socio-demographic profile of visitors (gender and age).

The analysis of the conversions as a percentage by men or women allows learn about the interlocutors and better target the offering.
The report shows the distribution of the non-monetary conversions by the gender and by the age groups of visitors who completed non-monetary conversions in the selected time period. 

The first summary table shows the number of total non-monetary conversions for the selected time period.   


Non monetary Conversions by Gender

 table "Conversions by Gender" show a percentage estimate of the number of non-monetary conversions completed by men and women.

Non monetary Conversions by Age and Gender
Similarly, knowing the estimate statistical distribution of the non-monetary conversions by age, distinguishing by gender, it is an excellent basis for evaluating the approach to choose, the services to offer, the strategies to carry out.
and table of "Non monetary conversions by age" by gender relate the gender with age, showing the estimate percentage distribution of visits by men compared with women for the 
available age groups. 

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