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How can I see the list of Non-Monetary Conversions that have been generated in the website?

The report Non-Monetary conversions List shows all the conversions that have been generated in the website in the selected time period.

In the first summary table you can see the total number of Non-Monetary Conversions for the selected time period.


In every line of the table you will find for each conversion: 
Data marked with an asterisk (*) (Conversion ID and Country) depend on the valorized parameters in the conversion code.

The Conversion ID is assigned by ShinyStat, if not provided.

The "Country" parameters provided by the website may differ from that measured by ShinyStat (Geolocation). The latter is related to the geographic location of the IP address from which the visitor is connected to the websites, while the Country provided by the site could be the shipping address, residential address, billing address, etc. depending on the data chosen during configuration.
If the data for the "Country" are not provided by the site, the system shows the country found through Geolocation for the conversion visit.  

“Not provided” keywords

"Not provided" means that the search engine did not provide the keyword used by the visitor to reach the site.
In this case, all web analytics platform, including Google Analytics, cannot show the keywords used to reach web sites. In fact each browser receives an empty search string which is defined as "not provided keyword" instead of the true keyword used to find the web site.
For more information, please visit the post on ShinyStat Blog.

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Non Monetary Conversions List