Non Monetary Conversions - Geolocation

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In this report, the non monetary conversions are aggregated under the geographic localization of the visitors.
By interacting with the map and the table, you will be able to analyze the referrers of the conversions per Continents, Countries, Regions and Cities.

While the other information on the platform are gathered by ShinyStat itself, the data concerning the geolocation of IP addresses are based on the parameters provided by the TLC companies of each country to the international bodies which manage the Ip assignment.
Therefore any anomaly or inaccuracy doesn't depends on ShinyStat.


  MapWe report below some useful tips to look up in the map:
As for the map, the table allows you to go into detail by going from continents to countries and subsequently to cities, by clicking on the names of the different geographic areas.

For each area the number of conversions and the corresponding percentage on the total of the conversions are provided.

Moreover, clicking on "day by day", you will be able to access a detailed account.

Data concerning Italy can be displayed through the gathering per region in the table too.

Please notice that the content of this report is protected by password even in case you decided to make your statistics visible to the public.

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